Tax Planning

Income tax preparation and filing services are provided at our office through KB Accounting & Tax here at our location.  We offer in person and virtual appointments with Senior Tax Accountant Juanita Lexvold.   Juanita has 16 + years of experience in preparing and reviewing individual and small business returns.  She holds a BA in Accounting and will work with Brett, Travis, and Mary to ensure you are paying your fair share of taxes and not a bit more.  

Tax preparation will start at $250 and go up depending on the complexity and time put into the return. More complicated returns will be reviewed, and a fee will be quoted before work begins.  We are offering a $50 discount to all our Support and Premier Level Clients.  If you would like more information on how to become a Support or Premier level client, please email Lu at

Call our office at (952) 895-6963 to request a 2022 tax planner.  We hope the added convenience of combining this service to those we already offer will be a great help to you.  Help us spread the word to your family and friends!  There is a $25 discount for all referrals